Why Is Web Design Important For Digital Marketing?

Why Is Web Design Important For Digital Marketing?

Why Is Web Design Important For Digital Marketing?

Web design and marketing have no choice but to go hand in hand. Digital marketing experts must consider a series of elements when developing a complete strategy, including the target audience and the construction of the brand itself. In fact, marketing is currently defined as bidirectional, in the sense that it establishes one or several channels of communication between companies and users. And one of those channels is the web. That is why web design cannot do without a perspective that considers marketing.

Are Digital Marketing And Web Development Essential For The Business?

Digital marketing and web development. These two disciplines are some of the most demanded by Spanish companies. And it is that today when we talk about digital transformation, we do so about the great advances that technology has brought about in our environment. The evolution is so notorious that companies are forced to update the way they execute their actions to continue maintaining their presence in the market. Companies are aware of the need to include qualified agencies, people, or departments in their team to help them execute, solve and implement digital strategies to maintain a quality digital positioning.

As digitization in the business world progresses, it is normal that new disciplines are also born around this field and, even, that many that emerged at a time when technology was not so advanced end up taking full advantage of this environment. This is the case of traditional marketing, which saw the Internet as a valuable tool when creating new communication methods. As a result of the use of new campaigns, such as email marketing, a new aspect emerged: digital marketing.

The objective of web development is to start the operation and development of the site so that it is consistent with the needs of the company.

5 Keys Why Web Design Is Essential For Digital Marketing

Let's take into account the value of marketing as a communication strategy and the fact that a company's website is the base platform on which the most valuable communications are made, that is, commercial ones. In this sense, we cannot lose sight of the fact that web design can be considered a marketing strategy in itself.

These are the questions related to marketing on which web design has an unappealable effect:

Improves User Experience

Web designers must take into account the user's journey through the page from its conception of it. It depends on their work that the information that this page will house is attractive, accessible, and easy to understand.

Likewise, one of the jobs of marketers dealing with existing websites is to improve that user experience. When web design has already taken UX into account from the start, digital marketing efforts can be dedicated to other issues.

Create The Digital Corporate Image

Web design and marketing also come together when it comes to digital corporate image. Aspects such as the brand’s visual identity are established in the early stages of web design, when the type of audience to which it is addressed is established. This first decision is what determines the corporate colors, the type of images to be used, the placement of the information blocks and even the internal linking.

Optimize The Website For Search Engines

It is easily assumable that digital marketing is in charge of developing SEO and SEM positioning strategies in charge of positioning a website in search engines. However, web design can make this task more or less complicated. Good web architecture will make it easier for Google crawlers and other search engines to identify valuable content on the page to display to interested users.

So we see that web design and online marketing must also work together when it comes to SEO.

Improve Communication With Users

We said it at the beginning: today marketing is understood as a two-way communication channel. The web design must allow users to contact the company, leave comments, to share its content. All these actions will later be converted into user-generated content, which will improve the perception of the brand and, as a consequence, the turnover.

A hermetic web design or one that does not encourage interaction prevents professionals from developing certain digital marketing strategies, which impoverishes the user experience and results.

Adapt The Site To Any Mobile Device

A good web design must be responsive so that the company is accessible to users who search for it from desktop computers and also to those who use mobile devices. The marketing actions that professionals integrate into their strategies are different for both groups of users and require a web design that is flexible enough to implement them.

What Do We Understand By Good Web Design?

We have talked about web design on many occasions, but we will allow ourselves to make a brief summary of the characteristics that a good web design must meet:

·         It must be responsive so that all users have access to the web and are likely to receive the different marketing actions that the company carries out regardless of where they connect from.

·         You have to take into account the loading time of the website: if a sales funnel that directs traffic to a website from social networks finds a page that does not load, the market activities will have been lost.

·         You can't lose sight of the visual element: Marketing and web design teams must work to make all visual communication consistent both on and off the web.

·       It must be goal-oriented: in this way, marketing strategies will be much more effective and specific.

·     It must be functional so that marketing actions can underline good functioning and include it as part of the company's values.As you can see, web design and marketing work better together than apart. At Hubsol we know it well. We are a Web design and digital marketing agency, and both teams work hand in hand to obtain the best results in any project.